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Welcome to Box Battle

FN Magazine and the management team of the FN Events could not be more excited to bring the first Fittest competition to SWFL.  We believe that healthy and active lifestyles are the best way to help cure many things for many people. We want to welcome and thank you all for being part of this event!

PhysioFit presents FN Box Battle is a SWFL-wide event focused on spotlighting the health and fitness community. The event consists of a series of professionally designed fitness tests that measure strength, endurance, balance, speed, precision, agility, and power. The competition consists of a series of workouts for both individual males and females, as well as, teams.

Up for grabs are touting rights for the year. The overall winning team which represents a local Crossfit affiliate, will earn the Box Battle Cup. The Box Battle Cup will be a traveling trophy year after year representing the hard work, focus, and determination we all share for fitness.

FN Box Battle will take place Saturday September 28th and 29th, 2013 with top winners being featured in the November/December issue of FN Magazine.

Individual Competition: This event will be split into groups of men and women. Each age group will be assigned a heat time on Saturday and Sunday (start times to be announced).

Team Competition: The Team Competition will consist of 4-person teams. Each person within the team will be required to compete, so pick your team wisely and play to your strengths. The winning team will be featured in FN Magazine as well as receive prizes and bragging rights.

Awards Ceremony: Look for a quality celebration from FN Magazine where we will recognize and reward stand-out competitors. Results will also be announced in print and online.

What to Expect: This is an outdoor event held at Lover’s Key State Park on the beach. It will be hot, sunny, and lots of fun! Food and drinks will be available to spectators, and competitors will be provided with water and other support. While some shaded areas will be provided, please plan to dress accordingly for heat and sun. Wear lots of sun screen!

Have any questions? Please email us at

%nbspDon’t wait any longer to show SWFL who the FITTEST really is!